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We teach realtors how to grow a real estate business they love.

​We provide them with the systems, frameworks, strategies, knowledge, and skills that'll last them for a lifetime.

From The Founder Of Real Estate Mega Moms

How To Sell 100 Homes Per Year

I'm Jessica Hensley, Your Mega Mom Realtor

I'm the founder of Real Estate Mega Moms. Unlike others shouting online at you on how to be a successful realtor, I'm taking a different route.

I'm not telling you to cold-call, buy leads, or spend thousands of dollars on paid advertisements. 

However, what's different about me is that I've actually done what others are preaching online and I continue to do it in this market.

I've made 7-figures as a realtor. Now I'm not promising that you'll get the same results.

No, no. What I'm promising is that I'll teach you the lessons and the strategies that helped me get to where I am.

How did I get to where I am? I created a system that would give me predictable results.

It's a system that anyone can use. When used right and done right, it can serve you for a lifetime and for generations..

Our Philosophy

Passive Leads

We've adopted a fresh approach to real estate with Passive Lead Generation, putting the focus on attracting potential clients to you rather than chasing leads. Work smarter, not harder.


We've believe that being a realtor doesn't have to be hard or challenging. We emphasize on creating a real estate business you love and enjoy.


The key to success in being a realtor is in Consistency and Growing your pipeline. Our philosophy encourages realtors to build a robust and sustainable business model that stands the test of time.


We believe in fast and non-salesy follow-up strategies that set you apart from the competition. Our philosophy centers on making sure you make the most out of every opportunity.

You're In Good Company

Thousands of realtors around the world have used Real Estate Mega Moms to grow their real estate business, improve their knowledge,  and change their life.

It's More Than Just A Training Program

We're not just a training program. We're a community, and a lifestyle.

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